sand light and water


We find inspiration in the simple randomness and happenstance of things we see while wandering coastal waters, beaches and harbors. We're drawn to images wrapped in echoes of sunlight and shade, symphonies of color cast across the water, the whisper of salt in the air. We're mesmerized by the textured stories, both silent and spoken, of weathered hulls,  sun-drenched faces and movement of the tides.

Our work is a collection of moments submerged in the subtleties of the everyday things in our coastal life. We're lucky...we don't take it for granted. We hope that within these pages you find a piece of wall art in The Shed or bits of a story from the blogs that become a window to a moment passed into memory or  place in your day to take pause and linger in the sun, sand and sea.

We invite you to visit us often and follow our journey along the river, on the beach and down the road. We'll share the view.

Sand, Light and Water


Capturing images as we see and feel them and sharing them with you. 

On the Water and In the Sun


A blog about where we've been, what we've  seen, what we have loved and our thoughts along the way.

The Shed

Visit the shed! Featuring Mud Dog and Sand, Light and Water apparel and more.

Visit the shed! Featuring Mud Dog and Sand, Light and Water apparel, photography, art and more.