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Mud Dog Saltwater Flies is a small, home based business I operate around my "real" day job and my "Dad" duties. The idea to start this business came to me one day while walking with my dog, Jack, along the bank of a local river. I had fished the river earlier that day and had been into a pack of breaking schoolies stripers and watched in dismay as my fly exploded and disintegrated as fish hit it. Two more of the same pattern recently purchase from a large retailer did the same thing. Sitting on the bank of the river that day I decided that I would start tying my own flies and tie them so that they would not only catch fish, but also endure repeated hook ups. Recalling similar tales from friends and other anglers of flies that just didn't hold up, I reckoned there might be a place I the tackle industry for a small company that produced a quality fly for a reasonable price that would last longer than one day of fishing. Looking up out of deep thought, I saw Jack standing in front of me covered with mud and the name of the business was created


Backwater Flats

If you look up the definition of "backwater" you will find "a still body of water connected to a river but not affected by its current" and "dull place: a place or situation regarded as cut off from the mainstream of activity and consequently regarded as quiet or unimportant".

Most of my time is spent fly fishing the creeks, bays, salt ponds and rivers that compose coastal backwaters. Backwaters may be off the beaten path, out of the "mainstream" if you will, they may be difficult to get to and in terms of fishing, will probably not yield that "fish of a lifetime". But any fisherman who has spent any time in the backwaters will tell you that they are indeed affected by the current of the river proper and that they are in fact a mainstream of activity. In these backwaters life happens, solitude is found, stories are created, friendships are forged and memories are made.

If you fish long enough you come to an understanding that fishing isn't really about fishing at all. This blog, while centered around fly fishing, isn't really about fly fishing. It's about the life that comes from it.

-Mike Rice

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